Web Design

Visual Web Group is a dynamic Minneapolis-based web design company that can take your pre-existing or current website to the next level by making it “mobile responsive” and/or create a cutting-edge new website for your business so it’s easily found on the web and properly fits any device its viewed on.

mobile_responsive_designVisual web group has the word “visual” as part of the name because we live in such a visual society, meaning pictures, videos and other visual images are more important than ever. Just like the old adage goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and that rings true today in a world where image is king. Visual Web Group uses striking, brilliant, attention-grabbing images to lead people to your website where they can then read succinct, relevant content. While images are vital in today’s digital world, content is key, too, since it informs and entertains, and quality content certainly sells products, ideas, brands and more.

Let Visual Web Group partner with you to design, redesign, and/or boost your website to a professional level so when a viewer searches for your business on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and/or Bing it stands out from the crowd. Furthermore, since viewers search using their smartphones and handheld devices, such as iPad’s or Tablets, Visual Web Group can design your website to be “mobile responsive.”

smart_phone_searchFYI: more people visit websites from mobile devices than desktop computers these days. Therefore, your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices. Visual Web Group’s approach to website design is “mobile responsive,” meaning your site is optimized for viewers visiting your website from a mobile device. Users won’t have to pinch/tap for the right view or wonder if they’re on the right site due to an awkward layout or design. Users will be able to read the fonts and calls-to-action easily and not have to worry about mistaken clicks taking them away from what they want to read. As part of being a client of Visual Web Group, you won’t have to worry about expensive app development and maintenance or having to create a secondary mobile site. You won’t have to rely on or update poorly designed mobile plugins, and you won’t have to worry that your content won’t work well when seen on a phone or tablet.

Visual Web Group creates beautiful websites that function flawlessly across multiple platforms. That means people will be able to load your site quickly, navigate it easily, and the pictures, videos and content will adjust to fit whatever size screen they’re using to view it. Additionally, Visual Web Group will make sure your site is browser-friendly, with a consistent look whether a person is viewing it via Google Chrome/Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Simply said, Visual Web Group can help optimize your website so that it’s up-to-date rather than left behind.