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Mobilegeddon is Now Upon Us! Are You Optimized?

blaine_web_designVisual Web Group, known for Blaine web design services, recently got word that Google will be making an algorithm update called “Mobilegeddon.” Here’s the deal: it’s important that your website is “mobile friendly” to keep current rankings because of this change, and thankfully Visual Web Group uses WordPress to build websites– and Google loves WordPress. So a website made by Visual Web Group is already designed with mobile in mind and still going to rank at the top of rankings. Nice.

So what did Google change and why did they do it? On April 21, 2015, Google updated their algorithm to emphasize mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal to help deliver higher-quality content via mobile searches. Industry professionals refer to this significant change as “Mobilegeddon” or the “Mobilepocalypse” because it’s a game changer.

Blaine Web Design, Mobile Website Design and Why It’s so Important

As more and more people use mobile devices to search the web, mobile is “where it’s at” right now in terms of searching the net, and therefore websites had better be mobile friendly. Businesses and organizations have been concerned with search engine optimization, content marketing and other trends in the past, and now they need to make sure their websites are mobile friendly so Google doesn’t pass them by.

Think of it this way: a customer types in “Blaine pizza” using the Safari browser on their iPhone. If your website isn’t mobile responsive, mobile friendly, and/or optimized for mobile users, then customers may not find it. And sales could be lost.

So, if you’re a business or organization with a website, the question you need to ask yourself is this: “Is my site mobile friendly?” Better yet, ask Visual Web Group to take a look and give you the answer. If it’s not, then a call or email to Blaine web design company, Visual Web Group can make it so. For all Blaine web design services and Blaine Web Design SEO, call us at 612-204-2500 today